After refuting charges of domestic violence, Gabriela Cavallin responds to Antony the Manchester United star

In the midst of the ongoing inquiry into the domestic violence case, Antony has once more refuted claims that he has never for ones assaulted his ex-girlfriend, he made this claims known to sport Journalist

The winger for Manchester United, Antony, is currently making news due to unsettling rumors about his personal life.

The Brazilian DJ and model Gabriela Cavallin, who is his ex-girlfriend, is said to have been assaulted by the 23-year-old winger.

More information about the alleged event involving the ex-couple has reportedly come to light, according to Pulse Sports, and the evidence suggests that the situation is much more serious than first thought.

While an inquiry into the claims is ongoing, Cavallin insists that the footballer did physically abuse her. The Manchester United striker has continued to refute all charges .

In the first interview after Brazil’s suspension, Antony maintains his innocence in the face of domestic assault claims.

After being cut from the Brazil national team roster prior to their games during the international break due to charges of domestic abuse, Antony has given his first interview.

Next week’s qualifier match between Brazil and Peru won’t feature the former Ajax star either.

Speaking about his absence from the national squad, Antony disclosed that he was with his mother when the suspension rumors first surfaced.

The future is something that I don’t think about. I am aware of the truth, and it will surface.

“I know many are butchering me, but the truth will always comes out. United are on top of the whole inquiry. They’re following up and they’re going to keep up.”

“I dream of returning to the national team and I want to show that Antony is innocent of all this.” he told Brazilian TV outlet Fofocalizando exclusively

When asked about the current allegations of domestic assault levelled against him, Antony said:

“I don’t support this ever,” he said. “It’s totally wrong, 100 per cent wrong. I have a mother, a sister, and I would never want this to happen to them.

“I’m 100 per cent sure I’ve never touched a woman, and I’ll come up with the evidence. People will see the truth. I have never assaulted and I will never assault. I’m sure I’ve never committed physical violence.

Anyone who has been with me since I was little, when I had nothing, knows my character and how much I sweated to get here.

“What I want most is to show the people that this is me. I want to achieve a lot of things.

Cavallin responded to an article from the Brazilian publication Segue a Cuami, which stated that Antony had reiterated his denial of the allegations.

Cavallin commented: “He even took off the earring to show that he is the real peace dove in person, spare me.’

Before she added:

“How good that I didn’t need to say that he is desperate, he showed it himself. Lol I won’t shut up! Why don’t you stop asking for silence in justice? Why don’t you hand over your phone voluntarily to retrieve the messages you deleted to me? Why doesn’t it count that you threw my cell phone on the floor trying to erase the evidence against you? Why doesn’t he say he tried to contact my driver to convince him to lie against me? Why didn’t you say that with the help of your family and friends, you said I wasn’t going to leave your house with my phone? Why didn’t you tell me that you were afraid (after you beat me) that i’d expose a print of you talking badly about your teammates? Calling you ex a ‘nightmare”? That handsome guy and that white shirt don’t cheat anyone else”

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