After 12 years of marriage, Mercy Johnson is shocked to discover that her wedding dress still fits.

The 39-year-old actress, who is weded to lawmaker Prince Odianosen Okojie, wore her wedding gown while marveling at how well it still fit.

The Nollywood actress, was surprised to find that even after twelve years of marriage, her wedding dress still properly fit.

The 39-year-old actress, appeared in a Facebook video where she wore her wedding dress and expressed her surprise that it still fit.

The mother of four claimed that she did so because her children had been curious about how she had looked on her wedding day. She made the decision to reveal the dress in order to pique their interest.

She has given birth to four children, but surprisingly, both of the dresses she wore when she walked down the aisle in 2011 still fit her form.

She also inquired about the condition of other mothers’ bridal gowns.

She was heard saying in the video,

“So my kids have always wondered how I looked in a wedding dress.
I mean I imagine their thinking, ‘How did mommy look twelve years ago.
Well, this is me. Plus my wedding gowns still fit, both of them.
So mom’s, how many of your wedding gowns still fit? I’m shocked, mine still fits”

Watch video below

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