2Baba Reveals Insights on Male Infidelity: Understanding the Mind of Men and Cheating [Young, Famous and African Reality Show]

Legendary Nigerian musician, Innocent Idibia, widely known as 2Baba, recently shared his perspective on why men cheat on their partners. During a conversation with Nadia on the second season of the Young, Famous, and African reality show, 2Baba explained that men often engage in infidelity with women they don’t love because their genitals seem to have a mind of their own.

While in the presence of his wife, actress Annie Idibia, the ‘African Queen’ crooner expressed that men primarily seek sexual satisfaction when they cheat, without necessarily desiring a relationship with the other woman. Nadia interjected, suggesting that it is the man’s mind, not his genitals, that dictates such behavior, emphasizing that the genitals are not autonomous entities.

2Baba acknowledged her point, stating that regardless of how one looks at it, men are driven by their sexual desires. He clarified that they may engage in sexual encounters without developing any emotional attachment to the other person, as their main intention is to fulfill their sexual needs.

Annie, visibly upset, questioned whether 2Baba’s remarks reflected his personal beliefs or if he was speaking in general terms. In response, the singer affirmed that it was indeed his belief and perspective on the matter.

Annie, who was heartbroken upon hearing her husband’s viewpoint on infidelity, expressed her disappointment in his statements. This exchange shed light on a challenging and sensitive topic within their relationship.

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